The Asgards are a proud people. Some of the more “sophisticated” cultures see them as barbaric. They are a feudal nation, bound by honor to their King Kailan Theradan. They hold bravery and battle prowess in the highest regard. They have a hereditary nobility, but they reward people who serve with distinction, thus expanding the upper class.

They mainly follow thier traditional gods such as Thor, but they believe in freedom of religion.

Recently, they have granted land to the Pelor Church, so they can oversee the excavation of what might be an ancient temple of Pelor, but no record of it exists. Locals say it was buried by Thor and Pelor, in order to lock some evil inside. Even, though the local lord believes the legend, he was forced by the king to give up the land. The small village of Telgard is now officially in the hands of the Shining One’s followers.




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